Future Proof Webinar Series

Whether you’ve lost your job, are at risk of redundancy or simply concerned your career might stagnate in an increasingly flat economy, Future Proof is the 2021 road map you need. 

Developed by the team at Future Women, in collaboration with leading economic, recruitment, confidence and training experts, Future Proof is a nine-part webinar series that educates, informs and upskills women who want to take the next step in their careers but aren’t quite sure how to where to begin.

Future Proof combines inspirational speeches, step-by- step guides, engaging conversations and practical workshops. 

How To Join In

If you're a Red member, access the course by upgrading to our Gold membership at the discounted rate of $200. Head to our checkout now and use the code FUTUREPROOF to redeem this offer and we will enrol you automatically.

If you're a Gold, Platinum or Platinum+ member, we're giving you the course - which is valued at $810 - for free. Redeem your place in the program by using a special code on our Member Perks page

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