Manage Your Profile Visibility

You can check which information on your profile is visible to other members at any time.

Navigate to the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner.
Select the 'Community' option from the drop-down menu.
Select your profile picture to access your Community profile.
Select 'Settings' to view your profile settings. 
Select 'Profile Visibility' to view which information is visible to other members.

You can now view the list of all information that's included in your profile. Your displayed name must be visible to the community, but all other information can be adjusted by you depending on your preferences. 

You can adjust which information is visible to other members in the community by using the drop-down menu options - 'Everyone', 'Only Me', 'All Members' or 'My Friends'.
Once you’ve updated your settings via the drop-down menus, select ‘Save Settings’ for these to be updated in your profile. 

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